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Inhariting the Throne by LuxiotheEchidna
Inhariting the Throne
My testing with other tools with photoshop. I decided to make a picture in 1st person view of Prince Dail after seeing Brevon decapitate his father, while Brevon looks proud to slaughter for his own gain.
Lady of Decay by LuxiotheEchidna
Lady of Decay
The mask for my friend is complete. I am going to enter this into the art exhibit in college. However this mask is not for sale and is to be given to her after it wins or not.


The Lady of Decay is the symbol of Famine as her face reflects breaking and erosion of food, marks of pain fills her once beautiful face as she deteriorates.


I might make 4 more masks of the type.

Lady of Decay: Famine
Lady of Rot: Pestilence
Lady of Blood: War
Lady of Bone: Death
Lady of Revelry: Conquest (this horseman meant taking over the weak and making the weak into lesser beings for the "glory" and resources: it was later removed due to war having the same qualities as War
Lady of Decay (90% complete) by LuxiotheEchidna
Lady of Decay (90% complete)
As of late in my ceramics class, I have been making a lot of masks, inspired by my African homeland. this design I made is for my friend and I hope she likes it. I just need it to me glaze fired and I hope I have enough glaze on the pieces. This is one of many masks that will be made
its time for a holiday cheer, with Luxstar and his friends with beer
watching all day holiday specials, making sure everyone have holiday tinsels
join in if you can for.... ENOUGH WITH THE RHYMING!! join in if you want to, there will be a raffle for people who join in. the prize is a free picture of themself (or there avatar) with their favorite character, handdrawn and finialized on flash…


Cole Kaizer Marrowind
United States
I'm Just a Lot who wants to bring color to the world

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